Monday, August 25, 2014

Does eating hot food on a hot day really cool you?

The temps are going to reach a sweltering 86 Fahrenheit today.  That's warm.  We have no scientific proof that eating something spicy like the Ohio chicken meatballs with sweet and spicy sesame ginger sauce, topped with slaw + the city's best corn salsa (pictured above) will cool you down, but it sure will fill you up. That's a good thing!  Stop by and get some today until 1:30pm.

BTW, do really want to know the answer? Huffington Post says, "yes!". 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Find the Food Truck

You're not part of Facebook.  You don't tweet.  But darn, you're hungry! Have you checked out Roaming Hunger?

Roaming Hunger is a site dedicated to all things food truck related in your area and beyond.  The site is easy to navigate and has a bushel of information. Want to know about the food truck revolution?  They have articles.  Want to sell your food truck?  You can list it.  Looking to share the experience you had with Sweet Carrot so everyone can eat and be happy too?  Roaming Hunger can set you up.  

We're there with pictures, our menu, our location for the day and reviews.  So quench that hunger and come visit us at Roaming Hunger, or our Sweet Carrot Food Truck, today!